Is Your Windows 10 Computer Running Slow?

Windows 10 very slow and Unresponsive

Windows 10 is becoming more and more present in homes around the world thanks to the factory incorporation in many pcs and above all to the free update for users who already purchased windows 7 and windows 8.

with the passage of time and as it is given more use the computer is more saturated both with programs and saved files but the hardware itself also suffers from being in operation all this can be a brutal combination so that even if you do not realize it from the first moment the performance of the computer will gradually fall.

if you have windows 10 on your pc and facing Windows 10 very slow and Unresponsive problem and you want to improve the user experience, as well as its speed, take a look at these tricks so that the performance of the computer does not decline and is like the day of purchase.

Uninstall applications you don’t use

we start with the basics uninstall applications that you do not use that you do not need or that you have in duplicate.

some will think that only takes up space what does it have to do with my computer going faster directly little but it is true that the more space on the hard disk you have occupied the more work it costs windows to function because you are more loose and you do not have to go through or look in so many nooks and crannies when performing certain functions such as it is the startup load of the pc itself.

in addition it is possible that the applications have sudden errors or that they have compatibility problems with other programs so if you only have what you really need on your computer you may save yourself some other unexpected headaches.

in windows 10 Slow. the uninstall process is very simple to open the start menu type uninstall in the search bar and choose the option to add or remove programs there you will get a list with everything you have installed on your computer so you will have to choose what you are not interested in having a click on it and click on the option that will appear to uninstall.

That your programs do not start when you turn on the computer

if you are one of those who have programs like skype or Spotify installed on your computer you may have noticed that unless you say otherwise they start running as soon as you turn on your pc and windows loads error.

what this does is that it costs the computer more to start working since it has to load things that you do not have to use as you stand in front of the device if you want your device not to slow down disable the applications to start automatically.

To do this go to the task manager by pressing the magic combination of ctrl alt del and click on task manager s once you are in the window go to start and click on those applications that have the most impact on the computer to disable them in the button under this nomenclature thus if you want to open skype because you are going to use it it will open at the right time and will not stay open from the beginning

Defragment the hard drive

The defragmenting the hard drive is essential for the computer to work at such a rate and will not remain constantly caught.

when the computer wants to open a file it has to look for its trace throughout the hard disk since there may be information located at different points especially if the file or program in question has been moved saved several times or removed and restored among many other options.

The tool to defragment the hard disk is installed from the factory in windows 10 so you will not have to perform any type of download or go around until you find a manual way to do this defragmentation.

To start this feature you will have to go to start all programs windows administration tools disk defragmentation and optimization there you have to click on the hard drives and give each one of them to analyze so that the computer itself will see How to speed up Windows 10 it if it needs it.

In addition in that same tab, you can also find the optimize button which helps to recognize possible problems and solutions so that your pc runs more fluidly.

Clean your hard disks

apart from defragmenting it and optimizing it from time to time something fundamental and that you shouldn’t spend a lot of time doing is cleaning the hard drives in this way temporary data and junk or unnecessary files are eliminated from your hard drive which in addition to making room for you to store more things also makes the computer go faster because it will be optimized.

Microsoft Support

To clean any hard drive have to go to the browser of files in the multiple options that appear in the right area of ​​the screen you will find the hard drives you have installed and the corresponding port of the same click the button right on them and give properties general disk cleanup.

The app will track all those named files in a process that can take a long time if you’ve never done a clean before finalizing it will show you all the information that it has found and that it is going to delete so that you can confirm the process that. Read More

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